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Galidor is a Canadian-American sci-fi TV show that ran on Fox Kids in 2002. Lego helped fund the series, and launched a line of action figures based on the characters. The plot of the show involves a 15-year old named Nick Bluetooth, played by Matthew Ewald, and his best friend Allegra, who were whisked away into the Outer Dimension. Using his ability to "glinch" and with the help of his friends, Nick sets off to end the evil Gorm's reign of tyranny. The series began February 2002 and had 2 back-to-back 3 month seasons and ended with a cliffhanger, as ownership disputes prevented it from being renewed despite its high ratings.

The show is centered around the journey of Nick Bluetooth, a 15-yr old whose life is turned upside-down after receiving a strange floating alien map over his bed on the eve of his 15th birthday. The map leads Nicholas and his best (and only) friend, Allegra, to a hidden Dimensional Transport Vehicle nicknamed The Egg. Nick unknowingly activates the egg and sends himself and Allegra into the Outer Dimension, where they find themselves as part of an intrepid group attempting to save Galidor, which is being targeted by the sinister Gorm. The kingdom of Galidor is protected by an immense door that could only open by an egg-shaped key, which was split in pieces across the Outer Dimension to prevent Gorm from entering Galidor. If Nick and the company don't find the pieces before Gorm does, then the entire Outer Dimension will fall under his rule.

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